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Hope, Dream and Do - Are You Called to Midwifery?

January 2nd, 2009 (02:31 pm)

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A new year is the perfect time to take stock of your life. Are you headed in the direction you want for your life? We as birth practitioners and activists are called to help motherbaby have the best birth possible. There are many callings within that theme. You may have a dream to be a doula or a midwife. You may have a goal to work abroad, have a birth center or do homebirths. Are you on the path or has something stopped you from taking on and completing your reason for being?

We often get absorbed into a daily grind that stops us from getting on the road to our dream. Another huge derailment can come from fear. I believe fear and self-deprecation are the biggest culprits we face. Are either of these a stopping point for you?

I look to you when I get discouraged because of how motherbaby are treated in what should be their most glorious moments. I remember that literally thousands of us are working for the goal of enabling motherbaby to have the best possible childbearing year. I know that it doesn't all fall on my shoulders. If those who are called but are not taking up the call go to work, we could have a huge legion helping motherbaby. I name it "work," but, in that I love my work, it really isn't.

A story I heard from Dona Hermillia, a Mexican midwife from Oaxaca, is relevant here. She related that in Mexico if a midwife is called and she does not answer the call, bad things start happening to her. It happened to her. If I remember correctly, she broke her leg and she lost a child. When she answered the call, life normalized -- well, as normal as life ever can be for a midwife!

What is stopping you from carrying forth your calling, or are you stopping yourself? Now is the time for all of us to think, plan and take steps that can change the world. Imagine what kind of world we would have if all babies had the best birth possible. You are part of this hope, but which part? That is for you to ponder and then begin to carry out. Be sure to let me know what it is. I would be happy to encourage you. You can write to me at jan@midwiferytoday.com

Here is some information to get you started if you want to be a midwife.

Jan Tritten
Midwifery Today